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Because the life we live
Is that of misery
Of a constant lie
Of hypocrisy

In the mirror
The person we see
Seems a marvel of such beauty

Of oscillating
From one faux euphoria
To another

What a bummer!

Running aimless
All while standing clueless
Always in control
As the bedlams unroll

An illusionist at best
Disillusioned perhaps!
Disillusioned you say?
Humor me not!

Very essence of life, here you forgot
The oscillations
Those crests, these troughs
Breaths coming in, going out

All such redundant loops
Can you really do without?
The night you long every day
Waking, looking forward to the new day

Taking the roller coaster ride
Of emotions, so ancient and tried
Engraved so deeply in monotony
Weaving still a fictional mutiny

Disillusioned you say?
Alive is whose is this way
Alive and hopeful, if I may say
Embracing even the dimmest ray

Of this life that we live…