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on us

Not so long ago, we both were no one to each other. Total strangers. Not even strangers perhaps. For even being a stranger to someone demands at least some acquaintance. So yes, we were actually no one to each other. Two individual dots on two separate leaves of the book of life - separated by, who knows, millions or trillions of characters. With so many leaves in between. And then a glitch, may be. An error? Or may be a very sane, thoughtful edit; something must have happened. Something which made the two distant dots gravitate to the same leaf, same line - so close. How do you define such a thing? Such force that placed the two of us on to a collision course all the while expecting us to remain at peace, calm, at ease? Amuses me, this thought. Dip the tip of your foot in a resting body of water and expect no unrest. Pull a violin’s chord and expect no beat on your eardrum. What folly! Not so long ago our chords were not pulled and we were no one to each other. In the very present, though, chaos has been rippled into our calm hearts and the waves gravitate towards each other. Not so far from now, we shall collide and merge; we shall rediscover peace as one.