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Do you believe in miracles?

What a cliche! I expected a better origin for this wannabe discourse of ours.

Bit too hasty in sticking labels, aren't you? I was just building the ground here.

Go on. Prep your grounds. Your field! A great yield we are going to have today. Ha!

I am curious. Being a pragmatic soul, what is, in your opinion, the greatest feat of human? I am curious, how your mind takes human progression?

I see traces of mischief in your eyes. Can see that mock smile lurking around your lips in the shadows.

Oh, come on. Stop flattering yourself and tell me. The saints, the scientists, the philosophers, the innovators, the Aristotles, Teslas, the Hitlers, DaVincis, or Jobs...whatever - who matters to you and why?

No one! No one matters to me. Neither does anyone matter to any of these men you just mentioned. That creed of 'great men' is nothing but a self-centered, narcissist bunch of ego maniacs - all of them.

Ego driven maniacs who ended up shaping the world we live in, if I may add. The very lives we live, you and I, are greatly indebted to such self-centered morons. Are you really trying to escape all their doings by simple sticking another one of your lame labels on them? What a coward! I thought better of you.

Oh shut up! You know nothing...

Ha! So now you're going to steal famous dialogues too? Is that it? Expecting Jon Snow to rescue you here? Is this what's become of your 'great, thinking' mind?

Listen to me, you! Whatever you are trying to do is of no use here.

Whatever I am trying to do? Right! Asking you a simple question, that's what I am trying to do!

Hmmm. It's not the end result which inspires me. Not the iPhones or tablets, Alternating Current or Electric Bulb or the Commandments or Internet. It's the drive that dazzles me. The drive which drags these men towards the light. That urge inside - making them see the light.

Or, you mean, the light that fuels their drive?

Yea, yea, go twist and turn the words anyway you like. You know what I am saying here.

What you are essentially saying is that it is their ego which inspires you? 'Coz like you said, they are ego maniacs, right?

Ego? Are you kidding me? I say 'drive' - the force, the urge, the need - and you hear 'ego'? What is your problem?

Now you need to cool down here, first of all. Relax! Breathe in and breathe out. I am just trying to be a bit more specific here. This 'light' or 'drive' or whatever you like to call it - what is it exactly? Do you think it's the idea that sparks up in their mind turning into a flame that ultimately lights up their entire existence? So much that they spend their entire lives burning? And in this process create great things, perform such feats that following generations rejoice at the very mention of their name? Is that it? Or would you say it's something in their hearts? A passion, a strong feeling? An emotion may be - of pain, of sorrow, of neglect perhaps, which jolts their souls to the very depths? Making them elevate to such heights of euphoria that they end up striking gold. Gold which we embrace in the form of their words, doings, and products, and ideals? Which one is it? What makes them do all that they end up doing? What transforms these 'ego maniacs' to such ego maniacs?

Mind alone cannot be a guide this strong to lead these buggers through all the darkness that they go through - inside and out. It just cannot be mind alone. Mind would limit them, scare them, it would make them equate and balance their efforts, ask them to evaluate the situations. No it cannot be the mind. They don't show any respect for balance or circumstances or any '-quos'. From the word 'go' they are rebels. They challenge and break things. Goddam, that's how they make new ones!

Hmmm. Heart then? If not mind? You think heart is at their core? They are led by heart's emotions and feelings, rather than thoughts?

Don't jump to conclusions now. Heart is a wildebeest. Following it alone would drown them, ruin them. Burn them useless. Without making any good of their effort.

Okay, now you are making No Sense here.

It has to be a marriage!


Marriage. Their mind and heart becoming one - consummating to conceive the unthinkable! A unison of two great forces resulting in an immaculate conception of a miracle! Viola!

Is that it? Is it that simple? Like seriously? Was that some kind of 'Hence spoke the wise' moment of yours?

Are you kidding me? You think forging an alliance of heart and mind is Simple? Are you Really that naive?

Okay. Okay. It's not. But you know what? You just pulled us back to the very start!

What start?

Well...hmmm...what makes this perfect marriage possible? What fuels it, what drives it?

You...! I knew this was all a farce. Just another one of your mock discourses. A mischief and nothing else. You pervert! Go ejaculate your mind somewhere else. Spare me! Find another to feast on your mental orgasm! What a lame piece of shit you are!

Hey come on now! Don't say that. No harm in sharing some good pleasure, right?

Get out!