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to my dear pragmatic friend


At the break of dawn, you say your prayers and walk out to the terrace, pulled by the fresh breeze of a new beginning. Your eyes catch the glimpse of horizon as it starts to light up in scarlet shades.

The sight reminds you of the time when you bathed in crystal moonlight as it washed away all your fatigue from the trek to the top of the peak. The one you had always wished to climb.

You smile at the memory with eyes lit up. (Read 5)


You think about the time when, due to unforeseen circumstances, you had to part from your beloved. A lump appears in your throat, leaving a wet lining in your eyes. Helpless, you just nod with a hint of mild smile on your lips. (Read 4)


My dear pragmatic soul, regardless of the countless additions and subtractions of chemicals, you don’t ponder over such intricate workings of your body in every moment. You just simply FEEL the moment. Your genius mind may choose to like it or hate it but your beating heart is what manoeuvres the shine of your eyes, the light of your face, and the essence of your life. (Read 6)


You nod in disbelief, hating my guts to come up with such a blatant piece of writing. Your lips smirk at this move, you mince words in untended groove. What do you feel? The rising Celsius of your physique or your inner psychological critics slinging their pens at me? (Read 3)


What do you feel? Your cardiac muscles working rapidly to hydrate your veins or the central command in your head sending out nerve signals to your goose bumps?

Do you feel the optical formulae at work in your brain or chemical reactions revving up in your blood stream? (Read 2)


You tend to live this life in total control. Manipulating the time at your hands, as you please. Yet, here you are hearing every tick of the clock pass by as the dates flip on. Thinking how you came to this; how you are going to pass through this. You look at your strong hands and frown at their weakness. For not all is meant to be understood and controlled. Such is the fabric of our life, my dear. Happy living.