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cherish your fire

The true inspiration of living comes from the fire that burns inside us. Over centuries, many great minds have spoken of this in their own distinct ways.

Don’t tell me you are assuming yourself as one of them and going to take your turn now!

I am just taking this opportunity to share one of the most beautiful and interesting perspective on this ever so celebrated concept. It comes from Sir Muhammad Iqbal – the poet, philosopher from Indian Subcontinent.

He chose to creatively highlight the importance of our inner flame through a dialogue between a moth and a firefly. Concise, yet so moving, here is what he had to say:

The Moth:
The firefly is so far removed from the status of the moth!
Why is it so proud of a fire that cannot burn?

The Firefly:
God be thanked a hundred times,
That I am not a moth – that I am no beggar of alien fire!

Cherish your inner flame, never let it fade. It fuels your journey through life.

Happy living!