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a question

I have a question,
a concern.
No. No I don't mean to make
any of you burn.
But why is it?
Just why is it?
That we are still stuck;
In this rut,
To call him wrong,
To blame her all along!?
I mean...
Why do you have to over take?
Why do I need to make you break?
Why can't we be like them,
Or be like us, let them?

I’m Sorry, I don't want to confuse here.
But I hope the point makes itself clear.
Why the marking,
the branding,
the labeling?
Why the fuck all these -isms,
the -ties,
the -tions,
these -ings?

The other day,
I heard someone say;
Uni means One, Verse means Poem.
Yea, the Universe is supposed to be.
One Poem! One Song!
A singularity!
And you, me, we?
All goin' crazy in plurality?
Ha! Yea, right. Very right!
Just end it!
Kill him, burn her, nuke them,
'Bout time, just nail it!
Let's give earth some peace;
Put a smile on its weepin' face,
Let's just end all human race.
Just pull the plug,
On this fuckin' disgrace!