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a journey

There is a reason why ages mix and coexist. For this is how experiences are shared. This is how we learn. this is how the dying live and living die. I believe, this is how extremes are normalized, this is how the depressed see bright side of life and the excited ones get to experience depth of life.

After all, it is just a journey. Each one of us is just passing through with the liked ones and the disliked ones too.

Much interesting, though - brings the idea of a metro in mind. You don't always get to sit with likeable passengers. You like some of the travellers. Hate most. Still, you make the journey. You stay in the same train - because you have to pass through. And you actually do make that journey peacefully, while being content with everyone around you - likable or not.

Journey of life demands the same contentment. Same peace - within and without. We are all just passengers in the passing. Brought together in brief moments on time. Share, learn, grow, love and smile. That is the best gift you can give back to life.