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on lahore

Lahore is like one big heart. Accommodating all. Providing all. Equally. Her residents have equally big hearts too. Big emotional hearts - not with equal brains, sadly. But even then, it's very easy to smile at some ordinary common man and get a smile in return. But for this feat one has to first accept his own self as an ordinary common man.

Over recent years Lahore has really improved in cosmetics. Some great sights she has to offer. Particularly on long holidays, or early weekend mornings, or late at night, when her roads are more relaxed and breathing comfortably. I don't like her when she's angry though - brings scorching sun and hot days. But then the seasons are one of her beauty. I love the way she exposes herself and flaunts her assets while taking a shower. The way she flicks her hair around - like a proud whore, Lahore!

I have a love and hate relationship with her. Miss her when I'm away for too long yet on return I despise her chaotic persona. There's one best thing about her though - she knows how to live. Regardless of time, of day, of good or bad, of high or low - Lahore lives fully. And so do all her lovers. So do I.