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on gratitude

I love to drive, searching for peace, with my windows down. The way cool, fresh air brushes through is so liberating. It just pulls you right out of the shadows of your overthinking mind and brings you back to light. The relaxed smile in that instance is just priceless.

I collect such carefree moments as trophies. Sounds very trivial but, trust me, they matter.

Great. Now we’ll have to read about your petty obsessions too?

Well, there is no harm in sharing a positive feeling. It only multiplies this way. Also, if you think about it, aren’t we just always so stuck in the daily rut that we rarely get a chance to enjoy a relaxed moment with ourselves?

In fact, this realization has recently become so profound that today “Self Care” is listed among at the Apple App Store’s Best of 2018. “'Me time’ was essential in 2018” the site says. Not so petty after all, yeah?

This brings us back to my cute little trophy moments. What makes them so special for me is that they are purely organic and not brought upon myself with the help of any app.

No, I am not discrediting any relaxation app here but a natural moment of calm leaves a much more lasting impression on your soul because it is an intrinsic phenomenon. There is no comparison, to be honest. Taking out ‘time to breath’ at the behest of an app is bound to become just another obligatory task – imposed externally. You will soon find yourself reluctantly complying just to give rest to its notifications. Ultimately, the app would be confined to a forgotten corner of your phone’s screen.

App or no app, why would one want this stupid moment of calm of yours in the first place?

You just hit bull’s eye with that attempt to a million-dollar question.

These tiny moments of disconnect from routine are the wondrous specks of gratitude which keep one grounded – in touch with their spirit. Every now and then, one needs to cancel out the noise, stray away from their active mind and just witness the world around them in its raw beauty.

Nature, my friend, has an amazing ability of revealing its marvels in the most mundane – one just needs to keep their receptive mode on. Where do you think the idea of walking in the rain gets its substance from?

Yeah, yeah, I know…some walk in the rain and others get wet! Blah!

Right. So, would you prefer getting merely wet or rather walking in the rain? In fact, can you really expect yourself to be able to do the latter if you can’t even relate with the idea of rejoicing as cool breeze brushes through your hair?

You and your lame analogies...

Let me put it this way. If your loved one was to thank you for something, how would you like them to do it? What would resonate more with you?

  • They simply walk over and explicitly say the words, “Thank you for being there for me.” Or,
  • They leave a surprise thank you note tucked away in your wallet (or handbag) so that you stumble upon it by chance.

No doubt explicitly saying it is a no brainer, straight forward way to go. But, did the idea make you smile? I bet not. Whereas, you, my friend, would just lovvveeee to discover the surprise thank you note of your beloved. It would, quite literally, make your heart sway and make your day. While it’s memory would stay with the two of you for ages.

Getting the hang of it now, aren’t you? It is this connection that I am talking about. Imagine your soul being connected with mother nature’s in same way – where she leaves such love-filled surprise notes for you in the very ordinary and you feel reborn every time you find one. Ever so thirsty for more.

Magic lies in the mundane, my dear. So yes, don’t just get wet - stay lucid, stay receptive. Be grateful.

Happy living!