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no light without dark

Have you noticed how themes of positivity and motivation have become such an in thing these days? ‘Positive living’ seems to be the most easily selling idea. Whether it be consumer brands, big corporations or even personal blogs, they all seem to be riding this bandwagon in full swing. That too, quite successfully.

Excuse me? Have you visited your own blog lately?

I knew that was coming. Well yes, you are right. My recent discourses here have been revolving around the concept of living on the brighter side too. But does this mean I have lost the right to look at it critically? I don’t think so.

It is true that this world can never have enough of positivity. We need to inspire as many individuals around us as possible. Self-awareness and self-love lead to a more conscious and compassionate individual. This is exactly the kind of people we need today – as many as we can get actually. And yes, my little pieces of writing are just my way of humbly contributing to this cause. I just hope they end up resonating with you.

Today, however, I want to voice a rather contradicting perspective: Can we, as individuals, live all positive without paying the dark of our lives its due homage? I sincerely doubt that.

What exactly are you trying to say?

I mean I am just trying to figure out that can I really live a genuinely happy life by constantly ignoring the low phases and only staying focused on the happier notes? Would I really be able to truly appreciate the blessings disguised as sweet little moments without having experienced any bad taste to compare them with? The answer, I believe, is no.

The most vivid rays of hope I’ve experienced (almost always) dawned on me right after a tearful night of helplessness. The widest, most deepest smiles my lips have ever worn (almost always) carried a tint of sorrow in them. The most memorable of my social interactions were (almost always) preceded by me lost in the dark depths of my own self.

I would’ve never been able to feel the intensity of any of these bright moments had I not experienced the not-so-bright, just before. This contrast always leaves a lasting impression on us. It helps us differentiate the stars from nothingness, the day from night.

You mean we should consider whatever good or bad comes our way as equals?

More or less, yes. The person that you are today is the best culmination of all of your fears and hopes put together. Taking out the fear part will not let hope take its place – instead, you’ll be left with a void. Same goes for all your other merits and demerits.

You are a perfect day and would end up being incomplete without your sunrise and equally without your sunset too. Same goes for your life. .

Happy living!