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you are a wonder

Have you ever noticed how some associations are just around the corner, hiding in plain sight, waiting to latch on to you as soon as you take the turn? I always rejoice at such wonders.


What else would you call this? Isn’t it a beautiful wonder of life that you come across different individuals who just surprise you in their affinity with you. The connection is so effortless, so natural, so true. At least for me, it is a marvel and I always find myself thanking life for this.

In quite a happy mood today, are we?

Oh, come on. You can’t deny that the connection with likeminded is such an unparalleled source of inspiration. You get a chance to endorse your strengths while befriending your weaknesses. Seeing a reflection of your own self in the other person is the best assurance that your flawed self is perfect in its own special way.

A strange magic lies hidden in knowing that there are others around you who have been through the same fears, have had the same aspirations, and wish to tweak the universe in the same odd ways as you. It gives you a priceless opportunity to embrace yourself as you are and leap forward in sheer optimism – becoming an inspiration for many others.

That is some serious euphoria, dude!

Humph! Do me a favor right now, will you?

  • Make a list of people you’ve met in life that you just can’t thank enough for being around you.
  • Mark the ones with whom you’ve shared this gratitude of yours.
  • All marked? Wow! I congratulate you on living such a pure life. May you remain blessed.
  • Some marked? You, my love, are a beautiful person.
  • None marked? Well, you now have the most important to-do item in your list. Get on the task and go thank each one of those beauties for being who they are and for being around you
  • Can’t think of anyone? You, my dear, need to get out of your own self, take some deep breaths, relax, and look around you in humility.

Happy living!