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on sunshine

Do me a favor this coming weekend. Steal an hour or two from your commitments and go out in the sun with no one but just you. I hope this isn’t too big of an ask. Finding the sun might be a challenge in the current cold wave but I’m quite sure it’ll come around if you summon it with all your heart.

You sound mellow today.

No, not really. Just a bit thoughtful about this idea.

And what good would this idea do?

As your physique soaks in the welcome warmth of the sun during winters, you will find your innermost clouds parting to make way for much needed light – one that will inch you closer to your soul while illuminating it. The idea, as you might have guessed, is to present you with a chance of sitting yourself down in the open freshness of a clear, bright day. What better way could there be to exchange notes with your own person? No?

Does it really require such a deliberate effort to be able to see our own selves?

Yes, it does. We literally need to cut ourselves from the external stimuli to be able to hear our own voice. But this is the easier bit as an even bigger challenge awaits us when we reach within. Now, you see, we all carry demons inside, which are kept at bay partly because of our ignorance towards ourselves (not recommended) and partly with the help of our respective belief system (more power to this). But the moment we dare to shift our focus to the inner self, these dark beasts gallop at us in their urge to break free – threatening us to stay away. This is where being closer to nature comes to the rescue – sunshine being our ultimate natural energy source against the inner kryptonite.

Who better than Helen Keller could have sensed this, as she said “Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.”

So you mean sunshine is our only hope when it comes to cleansing our inner selves?

It most definitely is. The thing is that as hasty as we are today, it comes as no surprise that we miss out even the most common virtues of our life. And sunshine has long been identified as one of the greatest gifts of nature we ever had; the great old minds left no chance of celebrating its existence. Its impartial immensity has not only been considered synonymous with divine mercy and graciousness but vastly understood as the very symbol of new life itself. Can you picture a seedling opening up in darkness to give way to a fresh sprout? I bet not. Such a miracle is only made possible by the gleaming golden rays of the sun.

It is this miracle that I am urging you to embrace; allowing the same rays to work their magic on your soul and bring forth the revelation of a new, fresher perspective in your life.

But dude, we go out in the sun all the time already or whenever we get a chance at least. What’s with all this romanticism?

You may call it romanticism; I rather call it connecting to the finer, more intrinsic details. It is in these details that the most phenomenal magic and charm exist – both of which we seem to be losing as well.

So yes, grab your favorite coffee and sandwich and go out there romanticize with the sun! Let it light and clear the path to your deepest, darkest self.

Happy living!