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dance to life

Before we begin, let’s get one thing straight. Life is not easy and this is exactly how it is meant to be. Period.

So what are you going to do about it? Fret and sulk and complain? How boring! How about singing and dancing it out?

And what good would that do?

Well, what good would worrying do?

Wow, what a theory! You, moron!

Hey relax. If music is a bit too hardcore for you, how about writing it out? Hmmm…your face tells me this idea doesn’t strike either. Doodling? That’s easy, no? Food, may be?

Why does it have to be one of these stupid ideas of yours, anyways?

Because that is the best remedy one has for life – Keep It Simple, Stupid! Now don’t tell me you are not aware of the KISS principle.

Yeah, whatever!

Well dude, there is really no need to react this way. It’s a journey – and a long one too – better to keep it fun and easy going. It will continue on its path anyways. The more you worry, the longer and tiresome it’ll become. So I’d say you just stick with the basics and cruise along at ease while admiring every sunrise and sunset that comes your way.

Ah…right! Just let go of everything, stop trying and die in the end! How ingenious.

Be easy or struggle, death will befall anyways. Leave a legacy behind or not, you are going to be left in the ground anyways. If you are meant to accomplish a feat of great marvel, rest assured, a relevant chance will stumble upon you in this journey; that right turn will reveal itself on its own – you just have to be patient and keep driving on. Making frantic turns in search of that ‘one break’ will only mess up your ride – may even hamper it altogether. And remember, stalling midway is not an option.

Look for success in the smaller bits and gather tiny trophies as you move along. Behold the sights and absorb the experiences. Never exchange a gaze without a smile, laugh often, sing at the top of your lungs as much as you can, dance at every stop over, oh and, don’t forget to KISS often.

Happy living!