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bring back the charm...

Whether a fan of J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series or not, one still finds the whole idea of magic quite fascinating. It is, to be honest, much more than just a concept confined to fictional stories – many a times we see the chords of our real lives get struck by its spells.

It is in these precise moments that the beauty of life reveals itself to us, we feel charmed, and we feel truly alive. Take a moment to look back through your years and you’ll be amazed how they are all tied together by a string of all such true moments. Reliving through these in retrospect will make you smile, although sadly, and you will find yourself overwhelmed with nostalgia, thinking, “Why don’t I see the same charm in life anymore.

You may cry, you may regret, your heart may skip a beat or two, you may want to turn around and run backwards in life wanting to experience same magic again, but none of this will be able to bring any solace because in your current peculiarities you have missed out the most wondrous element.

You have missed out the True, Magical You!

Yes, you yourself are the most potent source of magic in your life. All the charm that you ever experienced was derived from your own being. You felt it back then because you were connected to the instance, you were in control, you did not hold your true self back, you let yourself flow in the positive essence of being. You, my dear, were alive in those moments. And today? Today, you are nothing but a mirage of times that once were.

Today you are lost, unsure, not confident, disconnected, not living – just complying, simply being comfortable, without realizing that the comfort of today is what lasting dilemmas of tomorrow nourish on. You deserve a much better, more wondrous version of yourself to bring back the charm and rule out the looming regrets.

I know, it sounds harsh, may be borderline offensive, but then truth is known to have a bitter taste.

There seems to be nothing wrong in living a conforming life – where you are a good child, a good student, a good professional, a good partner – but is that really you? If it really was all so good, why would one complain about the problems at home, at work, in life? Why would there be such a hollow feeling inside, even in such abundance of goodness? Because when it comes to life, conforming and being complacent means we are just faking to our own selves.

And while we are at it, special moments come – but we pass them without letting them resonate with us, special people come – but we just pass them without allowing ourselves to connect with them, life transpires all around us – but we keep ourselves from living it and let it slip by.

This is what pretending to live looks like.

No, no one can help us in such pretense. Neither man, nor Divine. For true blessings favor those who are true to themselves. Heavens heed those who heed their hearts. Only by being true to ourselves can we embrace those who value us, who want to see the true life in us, who make it a point to stay with us even when we are not there with our own selves.

My dear reader, please cut the pretense. Fret not at the past, fear not the future – return to the present. Beckon your true self back for this is where you are, this is where your soul is, this is where your chance is.

Return to this moment – make it magical, make it charming.
This is your life – own it. Live it!